The SHANTALA baby and child massage technique is a well-respected ancient massage technique, from which most other infant massage methods have developed. Defined by its simplicity and mesmerizing rhythmic movements it is relaxing, enhances a baby or child's sense of security, their sleep patterns as well as their immune-systems. It also promotes a healthy bonding process, and helps with self-regulation.

As a technique that was passed down from mother to daughter for centuries, SHANTALA Massage is something that each parent can do. It is an easy to learn routine that one can perform without any knowledge of the body’s more specific anatomy. The technique is without any manipulation and/or muscle work, just a series of gentle, relaxing, rhythmic strokes. One could define the SHANTALA Massage technique as a natural way of touching and relating to one’s baby. It is effective for children that naturally love to be touched, but also for babies and children that have difficulties accepting touch.

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